Robert Bonet, pianist and composer in the genre of New Simplicity, born in Juneda (Lleida) 1984. 

He began his musical studies at age 10 doing voice lessons, piano and choral singing at the Conservatory of Liceo de Reus. Later he moved to the School and Music Conservatory of Tarragona in Reus, age 12, studying the 3rd elementary grade under the mastery of Josepa Fernández.

He has conducted numerous courses of musical language, harmony, choral music, chamber music, Orff instruments and piano, with teachers like Josep Casanovas, Antoni Tolmos, Eugenia Valderrama, Alex Sanso, among others. On the other hand, he has participated in training courses and pianistic interpretation given by Eulalia Solé and Edith Fisher. 

He has attended two courses in musical analysis and criticism of Jose M. Gutierrez Segovia, a course instrumentalists body for education and has also featured in two courses of musical improvisation taught by Antoni Tolmos Tena. 

He has made numerous auditions and concerts of piano and chamber music, as a solist and accompanist in different venues such as the Auditorium Felip Pedrell Auditorium Pau Casals, the El Círcol the Fortuny Theatre, the conference room of the Provincial Council of Tarragona, Enric Granados auditorium in Lleida, among which include the auditorium of the Palau Bofarull Higini Anglès Reus. 

At 14 he began his compositional career with a Sardana and later recorded their first demo on CD with 10 original works for piano, entitled "Instant" edited by AHER studies. He participated in the 1st and 2nd instrumental contest Sant Anastasi age of 15 and 16, being a finalist in both editions, receiving Honorable Mention in the 2nd jury, thanks to an excellent improvisation. 

On 11 April 2002 performs a concert-conference Minimalist presenting the work of the most important authors and his own in the auditorium Higini Angles of Reus. In lands of Lleida, particularly in Juneda, on August 3, 2002 made a piano recital with two parts, one with classic repertoire the second with Minimalist music and his works, receiving a very good review by the newspaper "Morning". He recieves RICARD VINYES Piano Prize Lerida city. 

In 2004 he released his second demo CD "Vine Amb Mi" format, also produced by the same company. A clear example of more mature work. 

In 2005, on the one hand it promoted the style that plays with a concert tour, entitled "Robert Bonet: The Nova Simplicitat" and on the other was introduced into the world of music production from the hand of Marc C. Griso together composing "You Are The Reason Of My Life" and "Everything You Are". 

2006 brought good fruits for the young composer in July he released his first Maxi-Single in demo-CD format entitled "Nova Simplicitat" and was working on the LP: "Siddhartha: Spiritual Café Vol. I" (Created and Mixed by Marc C. Griso & Toni Hernandez) which was released April 2007 DIVUCSA hand MUSIC SA, 2007. it is responsible for its management Josep Lluís Aguilar Agui-Management and joins the design team led by Sinuhe Vallve CATSULES & Elena Cruz.

In 2007 he premiered his myspace:, closes its tour "Robert Bonet: The Nova Simplicitat" with concerts Castelldans and Montblanc and locks to compose the songs for their first studio album "Temptacions". In September 2007 he was chosen as pianist musical "1 Musi ... cal?" Original work of the Company BAREKA Barcelona, which leads to conduct regular performances at the Teatre Llantiol and bowling throughout Catalonia. 

He has worked as an arranger and composer with great professionals of Spanish music for Urban Culture Studios and Kobalt Rose Studios for artists like Monica Naranjo or Soraya Arnelas, alongside producers like Marc C. Griso, Marcos Rodriguez and Ivan Torrent (Aerosoul / TeeandGee ) as well as Ruben Garcia Motos (Malu, Camilo Sesto, Kesia, Pablo Delgado ...) and Swede Erik Nilsson (Sentinel, Oke & Macromusicshow). 

In 2008 he presents his first LP Study "Temptacions" on May 7 at the pub PILEÉ Reus, party official presentation. During the summer months it promotes work by radio and media. The Sept. 22 online edition of the same work by K-Digital and The Orchard to all digital stores worldwide is published. 

On January 11, 2009 begins the tour "The Temptations Tour" presentation of his LP "Temptacions" with Lyda Ruiz, Silvia Zambrana, Elisabet P. Nicolau, Vanessa Soto Gonzalez and Jordi concerts. The tour includes cities such as Reus, Tarragona, Barcelona, Lerida, Borges Blanques, Montblanc and Valls. 

On December 4, 2009 published an album of remixes which will be the last single from her first studio, not me, with Pablo Delgado, by self-released and self-produced by The N & S Productions through first YOUR CD. 3 days later goes on sale in digital format through K Zoo, and is presented in a set of 4 Parties Official Presentaicón in Reus, Tarragona and Barcelona with the collaboration of great artists, including dancers program "FAME " of four. 

The different versions of the song will be included on albums by various artists who collaborated on the project, the LP debut "Slow down" of PABLO DELGADO well as disk SONIKAH (Winners of the last FEA Festival of Barcelona), in the work of LOBO rapper and even an unreleased version Pop / Rock UNLUCKY within the disk group. 


Robert Bonet's Codex New Eve - Live Teatre Bartrina de Reus

In 2010, Antoni Tolmos included in his first Greatest Hits "NIT URBANA" the song composed by Marc C. Griso, Laura Forner i Robert Bonet "Building Dreams" in a new adaptation entitled "Building a Dream" where the leridano pianist gives his particular version of the theme. 

In late 2010 and early 2011 out published LET ME BE THE ONE with Only Mike, an electronic item included on the compilation 1 year of Streetside Records seal Dani Masi and the debut of Pablo Delgado disc, SLOWLY, with the collaboration Robert Bonet as a composer. Robert Bonet collaborates with SARA EL RINCON group in its first demo "born again". During this last year he has also put music in the documentary "Vides Transsexuals" Maria Khan, under the production of GAG and the city of Barcelona (Drets Civils), which has won 5 international awards Film (Jury Prize at the Festival Cinhomo 2012 Valladolid to: -.. best documentary audience Award at the Cinhomo Festival 2012 of Valladolid Priemios jury at the International Festival "Les Gai Cine Mad" 2011 for: - best documentary - best Spanish work - best direction) (http : //, also composed the soundtrack of the movie "KADDISH: THE CITY OF THE DEAD" Oscar Canovas.  

In 2011 finally created his own company at the official level, The N & S Productions, which works with more than 150 professionals from the world of contemporary music, including include PRIOSANCHEZ to Audiovisual level, creating the spot that was presented in September 2012 "ENJOY tHE SIMPLICITY" in concert "Robert Bonet: 10 Anys of Nova Simplicitat" Bartrina Teatre de Reus, concert commemorated 10 years of career of pianist and composer. the company website is also presented.  

The end of year 2011 releases "CODEX NEW EVE" A production for Castell de Riudabella, hand production of Joan Rubinat and MOST WANTED STUDIO. Song that was used for the banquet organized by the municipality of Riudabella a menu prepared by International cooker Ferran Adria Catering by Caterin.  

In 2012, Daniel Ibáñez CODEX NEW EVE used as the soundtrack for his short film "KISSES DEBT". The Initiator Tarragona Association hires Robert Bonet for a day of entrepreneurs entitled "BELIEVE!" Later Diafragma34 DVISUAL and publish a summary of this talk documentary where the pianist and composer Robert Bonet puts music.  

In 2013 their first demo "An Instant" this time on CD in Digital editing by Kzoo and The Orchard in a rewritten and revised edition "- 10 Anniversary (Rewritten & Revised) An Instant" is published. Right now the team is preparing the DVD "Robert Bonet 10 Anys de Nova Simplicitat" concert at the Bartrina Theatre in Reus which will special edition published during 2016.  

In 2014 he has shot several video clips for the songs: "SUDA SUDA" with PRIOSANCHEZ for the singer Ruly Rodriguez (known for his single TACATA), "STAND BY ME" for FIVER group (Official music video of the last film DORAEMON) or "YOUR HEARTBEAT" to the DJ AMLOC (with vocalist DISGUISE for the label Prog & Trance me Baby "Chus Soler) 

In 2015 a new remix for the song "Beating At Your Side" composed in 2007, this time published by SILK MUSIC stamp Aerosoul hand and Joan Fernandez to be published in several compilation is edited. STRINGS THEORY will be the new name for this remix will feature a special DJ edit MARSH Philadelphia. Record the video of the song "Para Que Llorar" of DASOUL.  

In 2017 is planned the publication of his album ZEHN: Einfaches EIN LIED produced by Nacho Sotomayor (The Rock Productions and Cafe del Mar) with the special collaboration of CUCA MORENO in the single presentation "ZEHN". The album is commemorated 10 years of his career, to present what will be the tour to ZEHN: EIN einfaches TOUR. He managed to sponsor KORG Masters of Music and therefore will ARTIST KORG during the tour.  

Also is finishing composing the B.S.O. the short film "LOVE NEVER DIES (Love Never Dies)" by Paco Gonzalez. 


Robert Bonet is woriking now with: Lua, Cacu Tonda, Pablo Delgado, Ivan Torrent, Elisabet P. Nicolau, Jordi Soto, Ana Bedmar, Carlos Pérez, Joan Rubinat, Cuca Moreno, Arán, Sandra Forroll, Roberto Cantero, Lidya Casaprima, Ivan Fresh, RYK and Only Mike. 

Trailer DVD:

 Last Single alone, BREAKING BARRIERS:

 LIVE "Robert Bonet: 10 Anys de Nova Simplicitat" 

Last Concert in FNAC.

ROBERT BONET + RYK "Del Viento" - (Video Oficial + BRISA)


Robert Bonet LIVE @ FNAC LAS ARENAS (+100 de la SGAE)